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I do it all!

Why wedding photography?
That's a multifaceted question. On the surface it's because I love being creative and making beautiful images for clients.
But beneath that it's because I believe you deserve the wedding of your dreams. I want to be an advocate for your wedding, regardless of how that may look.
In short, I want to help couples have the wedding they've always wanted - whether it's an intimate elopement on a mountain top or a gathering of friends and family in your backyard. 
You're worth having a wedding that is a direct reflection of you and the things you love - let me help guide you on this journey!

My name's Tabitha and I'm the owner of this here wedding photography biz. I'm a wife and mom to two wonderful kiddos. I currently live in the Florida Panhandle but am always scheming of ways to get back to the mountains.
I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious (hit me up fa sho if you get that reference).
Still waiting for the Doctor in his Tardis to come and whisk me away on a marvelous adventure through time and space.
I'm fluent in dad jokes and often laugh much harder at my own wisecracks than anyone else does.



Movie - Labryinth! Goblin King, you are missed.

Drink - Iced Mocha, 2 shots of espresso, three pumps almond and three pumps coconut. I swear, I'm not too high maintenance, haha!

Band - is there music out there other than disney songs?
Holiday - CHRISTMASSSSSS!!!!!!
Color - oh wow... that changes with the season, haha! (but it's really purple.)

Book(s) - a wrinkle in time, the lunar chronicles, anything C.S. Lewis

TV shows - hand down it's boy meets world. SUCH a good show. The Office is .00001% under that...
Go ahead. Ask me how many times I've watched the entire series... 

"This sweet lady took so much time before our shoot to scout out locations and plan. She had our photos back super quickly and they were everything I imagined and more!!!! She didn't make me or my fiancĂ© feel uncomfortable once during the shoot. I highly recommend using her if you're looking for a 30A  photographer!"


Here's some more info all about moi!

I'm a Pensacola Wedding Photographer, 30A Photographer, Destination Wedding and Elopement Photographer - pretty much anywhere you want me I'm up for it!

I love coffee. It's currently 9:10 at night and I have my french press just about ready. Part of this is due to mom life and having a (currently) 3 month old.

I like to watch (listen to) the Office on repeat while I edit. Either that or I binge listen to the Harry Potter series on Audible.

I shoot Canon - and I always get asked why that over another brand. It's simply because that's what I started with and what I'm comfortable with.

I love the idea of snow but hate the actual thing. So when we visit my husband's family in Ohio for Christmas it can be slightly confusing for my emotions.

wanna know more?


What's an elopement or intimate wedding?

I like to define elopements and intimate weddings as a wedding where everyone in attendance only has one goal in mind - to see you marry your best friend.
Weddings can quickly become about obligations to family and friends when it should be about you and celebrating your day in the most YOU way possible. 


So do you shoot traditional weddings?

ABSOLUTELY!!! I want YOU to have the wedding YOU want! I'm literally here to be your hype girl. Whether you want a large wedding with family and friends or a small elopement with no one but the two of you I am here. for. it.


Why choose an elopement or intimate wedding?

So why should you consider an elopement or intimate wedding?
Imagine this: you wake up on your wedding day and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. You take your time getting ready because there's no agenda - the only timekeeper is the sun. You meet your fiance and have an epic first look by the water or on top of a mountain. You take your time enjoying the scenery and getting some amazing photos. Later on you meet back up with family and friends for your ceremony and take your time enjoying the company of those around you. 
No stress, no schedule, just you, your fiance, and those you love the most.

How do we do this thing?!

You can start by sending an inquiry! Click on the link below to get in touch and share your vision for your wedding day.
After that we can start planning! If you don't have a date or location yet I can totally help with that too. 


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