December 28, 2018

Adorable Mason Jar Save the Dates + My first tip for saving money on your wedding day!

I admit, I like a deal just as much as the next girl. But when it comes to your wedding day you deserve the absolute best of the best! I RARELY recommend cutting corners when it comes to planning your wedding.

Thankfully with you don’t have to cut corners because this stuff is ADORABLE!!!

I think y’all know me well enough by now to know that I absolutely would not recommend something to you if I didn’t think it was too legit to quit. So, just to back up my claim, check out these adorable mason jar save the dates!

I mean, I would ask if it can get any cuter than this, but it really can! I had the chance to order several different items from and I have to say that these clear invitations are so incredibly gorgeous, and I cannot get enough of them!

Clear Floral Wedding Invitations
Clear Floral Wedding Invitations

Y’all know I love a good floral print, and this gorgeous CLEAR invitation satisfies all my floral needs. And yeah, I do get overly excited about clear stuff (you should have seen all the clear blowup furniture that was in my bedroom as a kid) so this checks all my marks.

Floral Wedding Invitations

If those clear floral invitations just don’t do it for you, literally has almost any style and color of invitation you could ask for! The cool thing is that they don’t just do invitations… Check out these wedding custom coasters!

Wedding Custom Coaster also offers free wedding websites, which is an invaluable tool for relaying all your wedding info to guests. Another cool feature is the ability to collect addresses! To top it all off, if you’re like me and HATE addressing envelopes, you can actually have all your invitations addressed for you. Um, yeah, that’s awesome.

Not to mention the extreme affordability of all these products. Definitely splurge on your photographer, dress, food, etc. But for invitations save some money and check these guys out. I stand behind them and their products!



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