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Q. What type of sessions do you currently shoot?
A. I currently book weddings, elopements, and couples sessions.

Q. How long have you been doing photography?
A. I've been a hobbyist since 2010, but chose it as my career December 2015.

Q. How long will it take to get my photos back?
A. Adventure sessions will be in your inbox within a week. Weddings take about 4 weeks :)

Q. Can I see all of the photos?
A.  No! Rest assured that I will not withhold a good photo from you. Anything that you don't see is either a duplicate, blurry/poorly lit, or unflattering. I take great pride in showing you the best of the best!

Q. Can I print my own photos?
A. Absolutely! I provide a print release for all my clients and am happy to recommend labs for you to order from.

Q.  How do I book? 
A. Send me a message on here, Facebook, or Instagram and we'll get the ball rolling! I do require a signed contract, a 50% retainer fee for portrait sessions, and 25% retainer fee for weddings to hold any date.

Q. Do you travel?
A. YES! I love travelling!

Q. What should I wear?
A. I recommend wearing neutral, or jewel toned colors. Avoid neon colors, bright reds and pinks, and bright teals. I'm happy to help with wardrobe selection!

Q. Are you comfortable shooting in low light?
A. Yes! I bring all the lighting needed to shoot in even the darkest of venues, although 90% of the time I choose to work with the natural light that's available.

Q. Where are you based out of?
A. I actually live on the Florida Gulf Coast in a teeny tiny little town called Holt. I'm about 30 minutes from both Destin and Pensacola, which makes it super convenient to service both those areas on a regular basis. I do travel frequently so if you're planning a destination wedding be sure to hit me up!

"Best wedding photographer in
Destin FL
-My Husband <3

Tabitha was absolutely incredible and she captured the most
genuine moments." 

"If you're looking for a truly stress free experience, contact Tabitha! She made everything so easy."


What's an elopement or intimate wedding?

I like to define elopements and intimate weddings as a wedding where everyone in attendance only has one goal in mind - to see you marry your best friend.
Weddings can quickly become about obligations to family and friends when it should be about you and celebrating your day in the most YOU way possible. 


So do you shoot traditional weddings?

ABSOLUTELY!!! I want YOU to have the wedding YOU want! I'm literally here to be your hype girl. Whether you want a large wedding with family and friends or a small elopement with no one but the two of you I am here. for. it.


Why choose an elopement or intimate wedding?

So why should you consider an elopement or intimate wedding?
Imagine this: you wake up on your wedding day and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. You take your time getting ready because there's no agenda - the only timekeeper is the sun. You meet your fiance and have an epic first look by the water or on top of a mountain. You take your time enjoying the scenery and getting some amazing photos. Later on you meet back up with family and friends for your ceremony and take your time enjoying the company of those around you. 
No stress, no schedule, just you, your fiance, and those you love the most.

How do we do this thing?!

You can start by sending an inquiry! Click on the link below to get in touch and share your vision for your wedding day.
After that we can start planning! If you don't have a date or location yet I can totally help with that too. 


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