For Photographers

Ready to take your game to the next level?

If you've ever met me (or follow me on social media of any kind) you know my heart is in the moments, not the poses. 
It took me a looooong time to be able to bring about those moments in my sessions - something which can be discouraging for any artist, let alone a beginner in the field.
Which is why I'm super excited to offer my brand new mentorship opportunity! You get to come along to a real life shoot with real life people (not models) and see how I interact with and direct my subjects to elicit natural, beautiful responses. 
Obviously you get to use your photos for your personal website and social media. We'll also go for coffee afterwards, edit together, go over workflows, and dig into some tips and tricks for creating your brand and reaching your ideal clientele.
This experience is $600, and seals you in as a lifetime TCP mentoree - meaning you can ask me anything at any time, even if it's months (or years) down the road.
You also gain access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can reach out and interact with other awesome artists! 
Reach out to me and let's get this thing started!

I mean, really, can you resist hanging out with this face??