WOOHOO!!! If you're here chances are you recently got engaged and are looking for tips and tricks to ensure you have the most fun, stress-free wedding possible.
First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so freaking stoked for you and am excited to help guide you on your journey to your Best Day Ever. 

I'll keep this little intro short because I know you really don't care and just want to get to the good stuff ASAP.
My name is Tabitha and I'm a destination wedding and elopement photographer based out of Northwest Florida (think Pensacola area). After shooting 50+ weddings throughout the course of my career I've picked up some tips and tricks to help brides like yourself have an awesome, stress-free wedding day and I want to pass this information on to as many couples as I can!
Why? Because I believe your wedding matters and I personally want you to have the most amazing day that's perfect for you.

Don't be afraid to stand up for what you want.

The thing to remember is that this is YOUR wedding day - NOT your friends', not your families, YOURS. You and your fiance' have this once in a lifetime opportunity to have a day that 100% represents who you are.
Want to have a huge wedding with three hundred people and party into the wee hours of the morning? 
Sounds amazing!!!
Want to self-solemnize while standing in front of a mountain lake with no one but an amazing photographer there to document the occasion?
I'm soooo there for that! 
The thing is, your wedding should be about how you want to celebrate pledging your life to another person. Whatever that looks like, stand your ground. I promise you'll enjoy your day sooo much more if it's really what you want. And if you need a hype girl/advocate/calming presence, I am so there for you!

Evaluate who you actually want to be there with you

Do you know how many times I've overheard the bride asking the groom who a particular person is AT THEIR WEDDING?!
Honestly, it seems like every wedding I photograph there's somebody there who doesn't personally know the bride or groom. While allowing guests a plus one is a super generous move, don't feel like you have to invite your great aunt's ex husband's daughter - especially if you've had zero contact with them since the family reunion ten years ago.
You should be surrounded by people who love and support you on your wedding day and this may mean choosing to keep your guest list to a minimum - not inviting anyone at all is an option too! Eloping is definitely a valid and wonderful way to choose to celebrate your marriage and an excellent option if you're like me and more on the introverted side.

Hire a team of vendors you trust

Trust me, I KNOW how expensive weddings can be. I get that you may not have thousands of dollars to throw towards a dozen different vendors in the hopes of having an amazing wedding day. That's why choosing vendors that you connect with on a personal level and can trust with your vision for your wedding day is so important! Instead of purchasing a bunch of little things (ahem, favors, personalized napkins, fancy aisle runner, the list goes on) put that money towards AMAZING vendors who can back up their work. There's nothing that can alleviate stress more than being able to pass the buck into the more than capable hands of your florist, cake designer, photographer, etc. 
Honest and open communication prior to the wedding day is even more helpful, so don't be afraid to tell us if you want something changed or switched around. We're here to make your day as perfect as possible, so let us know if you have questions/comments/suggestions for any particular part of your day.

If you're having a traditional wedding, a coordinator will make your life so much easier!

Again, I understand money may be tight in the days leading up to your wedding. But if you can swing it, hiring a day-of coordinator will lift soooo much weight off your shoulders. 
What do day-of coordinators do? Well, just to name a few things:
Tells the bridal party when to walk down the aisle.
Makes sure the cake gets to where it's supposed to be.
Contacts vendors who may need help with directions.
Gets all the decor out and in its' proper place.
Coordinates clean-up after the event.
And so much more!
Does any of that sounds like something you want to be doing on your wedding day? Without a coordinator those things and more are likely how you'll be spending your time on the morning of your wedding when you should be able to sit back, relax, and be pampered. Paying someone else to handle the grunt work the day of your wedding is so incredibly worth it, especially when it's someone with experience that you can trust.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
(and it's all small stuff)

This is much easier said than done, I know. But seriously, something I tell ALL my couples when things take an unexpected route (and trust me, they will) is that no matter what happens, at the end of the day you'll be married to the love of your life.
And that's all that really matters. 
You and your person pledging your lives to one another no matter what else the day may throw your direction.
So when the guest book doesn't get put out,
or the weather takes a turn for the worse,
or you get a makeup smudge on your dress,
or the flower girl decides she absolutely will NOT walk down the aisle without holding her dad's hand,
REMEMBER that these are the little details that make the day memorable. What really matters is that you take in every moment and enjoy the day.
So sit back, relax, and let the day unfold however it will. I promise, whatever happens will just add to the story you get to tell your kids.


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I hope this little guide on how to have a stress free wedding helps you a bit. The most important thing to remember is that every wedding is different and every wedding is beautiful. So if things go a bit differently than planned it's all just a part of the story <3

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What's an elopement or intimate wedding?

I like to define elopements and intimate weddings as a wedding where everyone in attendance only has one goal in mind - to see you marry your best friend.
Weddings can quickly become about obligations to family and friends when it should be about you and celebrating your day in the most YOU way possible. 


So do you shoot traditional weddings?

ABSOLUTELY!!! I want YOU to have the wedding YOU want! I'm literally here to be your hype girl. Whether you want a large wedding with family and friends or a small elopement with no one but the two of you I am here. for. it.


Why choose an elopement or intimate wedding?

So why should you consider an elopement or intimate wedding?
Imagine this: you wake up on your wedding day and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. You take your time getting ready because there's no agenda - the only timekeeper is the sun. You meet your fiance and have an epic first look by the water or on top of a mountain. You take your time enjoying the scenery and getting some amazing photos. Later on you meet back up with family and friends for your ceremony and take your time enjoying the company of those around you. 
No stress, no schedule, just you, your fiance, and those you love the most.

How do we do this thing?!

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After that we can start planning! If you don't have a date or location yet I can totally help with that too. 


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