Well, heyyy! My name's Tabitha - I'm a wife and mom to two wonderful kiddos. I currently live in the Florida Panhandle but am always scheming of ways to get back to the mountains.

So who the heck am I?!



Simply put, I am a mom and I have a family! I believe every family is beautiful in its' own unique makeup and want to document the true, undying bonds between you and your loved ones.

"But Tabitha, why the focus on families and moms/"



I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious (hit me up if you get that reference).

Still waiting for the Doctor in his Tardis to come and whisk me away on a marvelous adventure through time and space.

I'm fluent in dad jokes and often laugh much harder at my own wisecracks than anyone else does.

You prefer natural movement and moments over perfectly posed, every hair in place images.

You're willing to get down and dirty with me in the sand and water.

Your experience is just as important to you as the product. Yes, we'll get some beautiful photos but we'll have a hell of a time taking them too <3

We may be a good fit if...


Let me help you make some awesome memories!

I want to be more than just your photographer, I want to help you and your family have a night on the beach that they'll never forget (or stop talking about)!

Do you feel what I'm putting down?