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How to Plan a Destination Wedding

Woot woot! If you’re here you’re probably engaged (CONGRATS BTW) and planning/thinking about having a destination wedding!!! But WAIT!!! How the heck do you do this thing?! Planning a wedding is hard enough but planning it in a location halfway across the country (or world) is entirely a different thing. Have no fear, because I’m going to walk you through some simple steps on how to plan a destination wedding!

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How to plan a destination wedding 101

Step 1: Decide who you want there with you on your wedding day. Seriously, before anything else, I believe this is the most important thing to determine. Do you want close family and friends? Just you and your partner? Immediate family only? Knowing who you want at your wedding is important because it will help determine your date. If it’s important to you to have certain people present at your wedding checking to ensure their travel availability is open will help immensely in planning everything else.

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Step 2: If there’s a particular vendor you absolutely HAVE to have at your wedding, reach out and see what their availability is! Most of the time, if you’re planning a destination wedding, you probably already have a pretty clear vision of what you want your day to look like, so choosing vendors who match that vision is super important. If location is more important to you than a specific vendor, skip to step 3.

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Step 3: Determine your location! Chances are if you’re considering a destination wedding you’ve already thought about a specific location. Are you in love with the beach? More of a mountain lover? Are you up for international travel for your wedding? Think of places you and your partner love or have always wanted to see. Choose a place that speaks to the things you love as a couple. Google Maps is a good place to begin your search for the perfect wedding location.

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Step 4: Make it legal. This is a super important step that can sometimes be overlooked. It really is simple, 99% of the time a google search can tell you the legal steps you need to take to ensure you can be married in a specific location. Want to have your wedding in a specific location but not worry about taking any extra legal steps? Local courthouse marriage licenses are a completely viable option to making sure your marriage is legal without worrying about jumping through any potential hoops in a foreign location.

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Step 5: Secure your vendors. So you’ve decided on your date and location, next it’s time to get the ball rolling on booking your dream vendors! Now, I have to say, I know an amazing photographer who would LOVE to shoot your destination wedding – you can get in touch with her here ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously though, choosing your vendors should be a fun and stress free process. Most vendors will do everything within their power to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams so when you’re ready to finalize and book you’ll be able to sit back and hand the planning off to someone else <3

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Step 6 (this is the hardest one): TRUST your team! If you’ve chosen quality vendors that you love you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the easy breezy ride to your wedding day. Of course there will be homework for you and your partner to complete but it should be FUN and not stressful at all.

If you’ve decided to have a destination wedding, chances are you’re an adventurous type of person. But what greater adventure is there than beginning a life with the person you love most? I hope this little guide has given some insight into exactly how to plan a destination wedding, and I’d love to hear some advice from past and current brides who have gone through the process! So leave a comment below and let us know your tips and tricks for planning a destination wedding<3

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How to Plan a Destination Wedding

  1. Heather Huie says:

    This is such an informative guide for couples thinking about having a destination wedding!

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    Love that last tip! It can be so hard to trust and let go and let others help you enjoy your day! Great guide Tabitha!

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    Love all the tips!!

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    This is such a great resource for couples considering a destination wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Planning a wedding in general isnt easy and a destination wedding can add a lot of stress unless you read this!!!! Great help!

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    All blogs that are jam packed with great info!! =) You nailed it will all your awesome points!

  8. These tips are so useful!!!!Thank you for creating your guide about destination weddings.

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