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Weddings in Panama City Beach – JT and Holly

Weddings in Panama City Beach

I absolutely love weddings in Panama City Beach!

You remember the day you got married? And that feeling that you just had to smile from ear to ear the entire day?

JT ACTUALLY smiled ear to ear literally the entire day and it was the best thing ever!

Some couples just radiate a specific type of joy, and these guys had an invisible bubble of happiness around them that no one and nothing (including the threat of a downpour of rain) could penetrate.

This was honestly one of my very favorite weddings in Panama City Beach. It was such an honor to photograph two so-in-love people.

weddings in panama city beach wedding gown and rings
Holly’s dress was the literal PERFECT dress for her beach wedding! Light and flowy with touches of sparkle.
weddings in panama city beach mom helping daughter into wedding dress
Moms helping their daughters into their wedding dress is one of my favorite parts of wedding days. I cry pretty much every time.
weddings in panama city beach bride reading a letter from her soon to be husband
JT and Holly exchanged letters before seeing each other on the big day.
weddings in panama city beach bride opening gift from fiance
He also gifted her with a leather bag she had been eyeing, and even had it imprinted with the date of their wedding!
weddings in panama city beach First look with bride and groom at Runaway Island
JT and Holly decided to go for a first look to better accommodate their schedule.
weddings in panama city beach bride and groom right after first look
It was also nice for them to have a moment to just breathe before the events of the big day.
weddings in panama city beach bride and groom right after their first look
This also made me realize that every couple needs to get a show of themselves in their reception space before everyone else comes in! How stinking cute are they?!
weddings in panama city beach groom with his groomsmen and mom pinning on the groom's boutonniere
weddings in panama city beach groom excited about his cookie cake
They decided to forego a traditional wedding cake in favor of cookie cakes! JT was a little excited about this…
weddings in panama city beach formal group photo
After the downpour we headed out to the beach for family photos – talk about an adventurous group! A little rain wasn’t going to dampen their spirits!
weddings in panama city beach bridal party photos on the beach
Literally the best bridal party! They looked at me a little funny when I asked them to run, but they took it like champs!
weddings in panama city beach formal photos with kids and bride and groom
All these gorgeous girls wanted to do was play in the sand – and really who could blame them?
groom walking down the aisle with his mom
groom and groomsmen walking towards the ceremony spot on the beach
bride walking down the aisle with mom and brothers
Holly was escorted down the aisle by her mom and her three brothers. I seriously don’t think there was a dry eye around. I even noticed some unrelated spectators wiping away tears as they watched her walk towards her groom.
groom standing at the altar waiting for his bride
JT reminds me of a point I always like to make to couples about their wedding day. Many couples (brides) are worried that if they decide to do a first look that the groom’s reaction won’t be as spectacular as if they’re first seeing them coming down the aisle. JT’s reaction proves this is not the case! You both will be so overjoyed at the moment finally arriving, not to mention the pressure being off plays a huge part in how you soak this moment in.
wedding ceremony
They were literally so excited to marry each other!
wedding ceremony
The whole ceremony was filled with laughter and tears of joy as these guys pledged their lives to each other.
first kiss after the wedding ceremony
They’d been waiting for this moment for months and it was finally here! Pronounced man and wife at last!
post wedding ceremony celebration
They walked back up the beach amidst cheers from family and friends. What more could you ask for from a wedding day?
Destin Beach Photographer
After the ceremony we snuck away for some photos with the couple of the day <3
bride and groom kissing on the beach
JT was being so sweet, making sure Holly’s dress didn’t accidentally get licked by the waves.
bride and groom walking on the beach - groom is holding up the bride's dress to ensure it doesn't get in the water
bride and groom portraits on the beach
We finally got some gorgeous golden light just before the sun set!
reception photos
And can I just say – the reception was a blast!!! So many people dancing and just having fun. It was such a great time!
reception photos
reception photos
If you’re looking for a fun reception activity that’s sure to get some laughs, google the shoe game!
reception photos
sparkler exit
Sparkler exits on the beach are my favorite!!!
sparkler exit
This was such a fabulous day and I’m so thrilled that I got to be a part of it. JT and Holly, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to document this day. I wish you all the best in the world!

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Weddings in Panama City Beach – JT and Holly

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