what to do after eloping - man and woman couple stand in the water in wedding clothes letting the waves crash around them

What to do after your elopement!



Y’all know me, I LOVE elopements. There’s something so special and intentional about committing yourself to your partner with just the two of you or a few close family members and friends. And the truth of it is that eloping doesn’t mean what it used to. You definitely don’t have to sneak off to Vegas and be married by Elvis to elope (although if that’s what you want to do I support you 100% – also hmu because I’d love to photograph this!). Eloping can be a beautiful celebration of joining yourself in marriage to another – but what should happen AFTER your elopement ceremony?!

Elopements give you free reign on your wedding day. You can literally do anything you want with no strict timelines or events you’re obligated to smile through. That said, I know the options can seem overwhelming. So today I wanted to give just a few ideas about what to do AFTER your elopement!

what to do after eloping - man and woman couple stand in the water in wedding clothes letting the waves crash around them

1. Frolic in the water!

I’ve always said that wedding gowns are usually only worn once, so why not let them live their best life?! I know it seems crazy to walk into waist high water wearing your wedding clothes, but trust me when I say that it will make for the most epic photos ever. And the cool water on your skin will feel amazing.

2. Hiking!

Soooo would you consider hiking on your wedding day? This is a great option for all you couples who love the outdoors and aren’t afraid to get a little adventurous. Imagine hiking up a mountain or out into the desert on your wedding day – one of the best parts about choosing this as an after-elopement activity is the cheers you’ll receive from other hikers! An afternoon hike to enjoy a gorgeous sunset is one of the best ways to celebrate after your elopement.

3. Play music together!

I know this one’s pretty niche, but some of the most amazing elopements I’ve experienced have been when the couple brings along a guitar or other instrument and just jams into the night. It can be such a beautiful moment of peace together after a highly anticipated day.

4. Kayaking!

Imagine floating out over a crystal clear lake or bay and enjoying the relaxation of the motion of the water on your wedding day. I personally think this would be such an awesome wedding day activity. The best part is that there are sooo many companies who rent out kayaks, and it can be a relatively low cost type of activity too!

5. Boating!

Ok, so living on the gulf coast I’m a bit biased to this one. But I think it would be so beautiful to sail off into the sunset after saying your vows to one another. Bonus idea: if either of you are into fishing you could totally do that too!

6. Paint Pottery!

I personally think this would be a BLAST! I’ve always loved going to pottery painting places and would have so much fun if one of my couples chose to do this. How cute would it be to go paint a pair of plates or mugs to commemorate your wedding day? That’s some heirloom type stuff right there.

7. Go to a theme park!

Are you a roller coaster junkie? Love Disney World? You can TOTALLY go to a theme park on your elopement day! Just be sure to check the rules about wearing long dresses to the park as some places won’t allow that for safety reasons (which is completely valid).

8. Go camping!

My husband didn’t believe me the first time I told him that I LOVE camping. Be prepared for a few side glances when you tell people that your wedding day plans involve spending the night outdoors in a tent, but honestly I can think of no better way to celebrate than by sleeping under the stars. And if you’re comfortable with overnight backpacking trips you could plan on saying your vows in the most remote location with nobody around!

9. Visit your favorite coffee shop!

If you’re like me then your best days always involve coffee. So what better way to celebrate your wedding than by visiting your favorite shop?! Bonus points if you add on some baked goodies to your order <3

10. Skiing or Snowboarding!

Are you planning a winter elopement in a snowy location? Then by all means go skiing or snowboarding! You’re supposed to have fun on your wedding day and I can think of nothing better then zipping down a mountain after your ceremony

I hope this post helped you to see that your wedding day can literally include anything you want it to – and I hope it gave you a few ideas about what you could potentially do after your elopement ceremony!

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