Henderson Beach Engagement Session

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Have you ever had an evening that set the bar for every evening that follows it? That happened at this Henderson Beach Engagement Session.

The sun showed off for Linda and Anthony, and even though we started a bit early due to rain we were rewarded for our patience with the most magnificent and magical sunset I’ve ever seen. Not only did we get a magical mystical sunset, I got to see a stingray at the beach for the very first time. Quite honestly that just added to the magic of the evening.

Linda and Anthony were so fun to be around. Their relaxed, goofy personalities came out pretty quickly as they played rock paper scissors (a favorite of theirs) and we were able to make some magic together.

Henderson Beach State Park right in the middle of beautiful Destin Florida provided the perfect backdrop for this dreamy engagement photo session. One of the reasons Henderson Beach State Park is so special is because it’s one of the only locations in Destin FL where you can actually explore the beautiful sand dunes. There’s a short dune trail towards the west side of the park, and while it’s a wonderful little walk, I personally think it’s even better for photos <3 The dune trail is also the perfect spot for more intimate photos, first looks, etc. because it’s always so quiet over there. It’s definitely the place to go if you want a quiet evening in nature.

Linda and Anthony told me they were up for anything during their session, and boy did they mean it! They stood their ground even while getting pummeled with waves. Something that can be a surprise is how difficult it can be to stay upright when getting hit with a wave, even if you’re not in deep water at all. These two were champs through everything and their dedication absolutely payed off.

Perfect evenings like this one are few and far between, but this Henderson Beach engagement session ended up being one for the books. Linda and Anthony, thanks for putting up with this crazy photographer and her wild ideas. Y’all are the real MVP’s!

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