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Destin FL Beach Wedding

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Estefani and Armando’s wedding in Destin was one of the highlights of my entire year. On a sunny Saturday in May they said their vows to each other in front of a few select friends and family members, every one of whom wished the absolute best for these two. They definitely faced a few obstacles, but this Destin FL beach wedding wound up being absolutely perfect in every possible way.

Estefani got ready at the private home the family had rented for the vacation in a gated community in Destin. It was the perfect getting ready space with tons of natural light and big, open, airy rooms. Estefani is the type of person who gives everything she can, including her own makeup appointment to help a friend. So it was really special to see their group of people come together and make their day magical.

After a first look with her dad, Estefani and her parents prayed together over the wedding, the marriage, and the future. I got to see her father look into her eyes and speak words of love and wisdom. It really was a moment that will always be remembered.

Armando’s family prayed with him outside, and then he met with Estefani around a door to say a private prayer as well. The love and devotion these two have for the Lord is evident in everything they do.

Once the ceremony started they also took a moment to worship together. Anytime a couple incorporates something that is so precious to them into their ceremony I know that it’s going to be a beautifully emotional day.

Like most May days in Destin, it was a pretty hot day while the sun was out. Once it got dark, however, Estefani was able to slip on her customized jean jacket with her new name on the back of it. It was the perfect accessory and kept her comfortable warm throughout the evening.

Armando and Estefani’s Destin FL beach wedding was the culmination of the hard work of friends and family who loved and supported them. It was incredibly special being able to witness and document the love that surrounded them on this day.

Bride and groom with foreheads together on the beach at sunset
Bride and groom with maid of honor and her family at their wedding
Bride with her parents
Group shot of everyone at an intimate beach wedding
Sparkler exit at a wedding
Sparkler exit at a wedding
Group shot of everyone at an intimate beach wedding.
Bride and groom are cutting the cake at their wedding reception
Bride and groom are feeding each other cake at their wedding reception
Bride is smearing cake onto her grooms chin at their wedding reception
Black and white photo of bride cleaning a speck of cake off her groom's chin at their wedding reception
Bride and groom are clinking customized wine glasses together at their reception
Maid of honor is giving a speech at a couples wedding
Father of the groom is giving a speech at a couples wedding
Destin FL beach wedding

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