Pensacola Beach Wedding – Laura and Brandon

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Pensacola Beach Wedding – A gorgeous September evening

September is known for being hot here on the emerald coast but this September evening was perfect in every way. Laura and Brandon’s Pensacola Beach wedding faced a few obstacles (thanks Covid) but family and friends pulled together to make it remarkable in every way.

The day started with hair and makeup at the rental house in Pensacola Beach. Laura relaxed while Erin styled her hair and Alexis applied her makeup. Her group of friends gathered around helping to steam dresses and making sure Laura had everything she needed.

Brandon was able to take it easy and spend time with family while Laura was getting ready. After they were both dressed (and Laura’s dad saw her) Brandon got in position to see his bride all ready for the first time. It was beautiful to see how everyone gave them their space for the first look and the result was a super intimate, private moment which is always needed on a wedding day. The couple shared their excitement with each other and then invited everyone out on the deck for a pre-ceremony photo sesh!

One of the best moments of any wedding (for me anyway) is to see the father of the bride sneak a peek at his daughter as he walks her down the aisle. Laura’s dad certainly didn’t disappoint and the tears continued to flow through the ceremony. Laura and Brandon said “I Do”, shared a kiss, and danced their way back up the aisle.

One of the perks of a Pensacola Beach wedding is the chance to have stretches of sand all to yourself and this location was prime for a bit of solitude. Laura and Brandon kissed, cuddled, and danced in the glowing sunset before heading back to the deck for a private dinner with their guests.

Their crew moved all the ceremony decor to the beach house deck and the result was stunning. After dinner they went underneath the house and danced to live music as the evening came to a perfect end.

Laura and Drew’s Pensacola Beach wedding was the stuff of dreams!

Bridal dress: Essense of Australia

Bridesmaid gowns: Kennedy Blue

Florals: Fleur Zoe Floral

Rentals: Supposey

Makeup: Alexis Ruby

Hair: Erin Burgess

Music: Jesse Duncan

House rental: Ariola 906

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Wedding dress hanging in doorway
Wedding details (vow books, invitations, wedding rings, veil) laying on a table
Bride sitting on bed - two photos side by side, one is black and white
Bride and bridesmaids sitting on a bed tossing balloons in the air
Mother of the bride is helping her get into her wedding dress
Close up of mothers hands zipping up the wedding dress
Black and white photo of mom helping bride into her dress, photo of bride putting on her earrings
Bridesmaids have first look at the bride all dressed up. They're standing in the doorway and looking into the room
Bride walks out of her room and has a first look with her dad
Dad gives the bride a hug after seeing her for the first time
The bride wipes away her fathers tears after he sees her in her wedding dress
Groom straightens his tie and puts on shoes
Bride walks up behind her groom who turns around and sees her for the first time on their wedding day
Groom hugs his bride
Groom only has eyes for his bride after seeing her in her dress for the first time
Groom is spinning his bride after seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time
Wedding party is standing with arms raised in celebration. Bride and groom are in the middle sharing a kiss
Wedding party has formed a tunnel of arms and bride and groom are in the middle
Bride with her bridesmaids
Bridal portraits
Portrait of bride and groom looking at each other
Bridal party with bride and groom
Mother of groom pinning flowers to the groom's tux
Wide shot of triangular wedding arch with benches
Closeup of triangular wedding arch
Groom walking towards the ceremony site and standing with the officiant
Family members and bridesmaids walking towards the ceremony site
Groom watching his bride walk towards him for their wedding ceremony
Father of the bride sneaks a peek at his daughter as he walks her down the aisle
Wide shot of the wedding ceremony
Bride and groom as their officiant addresses their guests at the beginning of the ceremony
Closeup of the bride's face as she listens to the groom say his vows
Closeup of the groom's face as he listens to the bride say her vows
Officiant addresses the couple
Wide angles of the wedding ceremony and guests
The bride places the ring on her groom's finger
First kiss as husband and wife!
Bride and groom look at each other right after their first kiss
Bride and groom dance down the aisle after the wedding ceremony
Bride and groom share another kiss as they walk down the aisle
Bride and groom hug each other after their wedding ceremony
Bride peeks at her new wedding band
Wedding party walks with the couple on the beach
Bridesmaid frolics with bride's veil blowing in the wind
Bride and groom with veil wrapped around them, blowing in the wind
Bride and groom share a kiss under the veil
Bride poses with her veil flowing in the wind
Bride and groom share a kiss
Groom kisses bride on the forehead
Groom stands behind bride with his arms wrapped around her - there is sunlight beaming between their hands
Bride's new ring is on display with her hands wrapped around her groom's neck
Sunset photos of the bride and groom on the beach
Sunset photos of the bride and groom on the beach
Couple stands with their forheads together, sunlight streaming between them. This is a freaking gorgeous photo.
Bride and groom kiss on the beach - bride wraps her arms around her groom and rests her head on his back.
Bride and groom kiss each other while showing off their new rings
Bride and groom hug on the beach at sunset
The couple sit at their sweetheart table and laugh with their guests
Guests give toasts
Couple lifts their glasses after a toast
Bride and groom cut their wedding cake
Bride and groom feed wedding cake to each other
Bride and groom share first dance with a guitarist behind them
Guests dancing
Guests dancing

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