Easiest Places to Elope in the US – No Hiking Required!

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When you think of the word “adventure elopement,” a lot of people imagine couples standing on mountaintops, or couples who trek for miles to get to epic locations. But if hiking isn’t your thing, don’t be discouraged! There are tons of places to elope that require no hiking at all, and that are easily accessible for couples who want to elope with family, or who just don’t want to hit the trails. This guide is all about the easiest places to elope in the US, where you can get epic views without any hiking!

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Easiest Places to Elope In the Mountains

Did you know that you can stand on a mountaintop without having to hike all the way up there? These are the easiest places to elope with mountain views – where you can drive to a scenic spot to say your vows!

Artist Point, Washington

This one is absolutely jaw dropping. Washington is known for having some incredible peaks, but at Artist Point, you’ll be surrounded by ridges, snow capped mountains, and some of the most stunning views! Right from the parking lot, you can see panoramic vistas, and you can walk along a paved trail to find the perfect spot – if you want to go a little further, the paved trail ends and a dirt path leads to a stunning overlook. There’s a small incline, but it’s less than a mile long!

Hurricane Ridge, Washington

Another incredible, easy place to elope with mountain views in Hurricane Ridge, located in Washington’s Olympic National Park. You can take the winding road up to the parking lot, where you’ll see panoramic views of the snow capped peaks. There are several picnic areas to choose from, and you can say your vows in front of the epic mountains – without hiking at all!

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park is famous for the incredible mountain views, and it’s a popular place for elopements. There are several easily accessible locations to choose from for your ceremony. 3M Curve is a great one, and one of the easiest places to elope, with amazing scenery! For waterfront views, you can elope at Bear Lake – the short nature trail takes you to a gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains.

Easiest Places to Elope In the Desert

The great thing about deserts is that most of them are pretty flat! This makes them some of the easiest places to elope in, with unique scenery and great views.

Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park, just outside of Moab, is a truly one of a kind location, known for the natural sandstone arches all over the park! You can get married with these incredible formations in the backdrop, without having to do any hiking. There are several different arches where you can tie the knot, and a few viewpoints!

Joshua Tree National Park, California

One of the easiest places to elope in the US if you want desert scenery is Joshua Tree National Park in California! This unique landscape is known for the twisted, bristly Joshua Trees, surrounded by boulders and rocky formations. There are a few pre-approved locations where you can have a ceremony, and many of them are easily accessible, requiring no hiking at all!

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Canyonlands National Park features a gorgeous canyon, with flat mesas and towering rock pinnacles all around. The remote canyons were carved by the Colorado River, and you can choose from several easily accessible overlooks for your elopement.

Easiest Place to Elope on the Beach

Whether you want gorgeous cliffs over the ocean or beachside backdrops, there are plenty of beach locations that you don’t have to hike in. Here are a few of the best!

Henderson Beach State Park, Florida

Here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we’ve got some gorgeous beaches! One of the easiest places to elope in is Henderson Beach State Park, where you have easy access to the beach and to the water. You can have your ceremony on the sparkling sand, with the sea as your backdrop – and if you’re down to do a little nature walk, there’s a short trail that takes you to a quiet, secluded spot where you can explore the sand dunes!

Ruby Beach, Washington

On the other side of the country, you’ll find beaches that look entirely different! Washington’s coastline is rugged and rocky, and Ruby Beach is one of the most iconic spots to go for those incredible ocean views. The driftwood beach, the sea stacks poking through the water, and the jagged rocks that make the landscape so unique make for an incredible place to exchange vows – and you don’t have to hike at all! The beach is easily reached from the parking lot, and you can wander the shore to see more.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Of course, I can’t mention beaches and coastal scenery without talking about the Oregon Coast! Cannon Beach is a cute beach town with gorgeous views. You don’t need to hike to get to the beach, and it makes for a beautiful place to elope. It is really popular, though, so if you want something a little more secluded, there are lesser known beaches nearby – Hug Point is a great nearby spot, and you don’t have to hike to see the sea caves, tide pools, and gorgeous rocky cliffs! 

Easiest Places to Elope in the Forest

If you dream of tying the knot surrounded by greenery and wildflower meadows, or even soaking in a hot spring in the woods, here are the easiest places to elope in the forest!

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Mount Rainier National Park is best known for the mountain – but the pine forests and sub-alpine wildflower meadows make this an incredible forest elopement location too! It’s the best of both worlds, and you can get married amongst old growth forests, lush ferns, and blooming flowers. Grove of the Patriarchs is one of the best places to see the trees without having to hike, and if you want to combine forest and mountain views, head to Tipsoo Lake, where in July and August you can catch the flowers blooming in shades of purple and red!

Redwoods National & State Parks, California

Of course, the Redwoods offer some of the most incredible forest locations ever! These majestic, towering trees make for an incredible backdrop, and you can see them without having to hike at all. The Redwoods National & State Parks have the best views of these trees, but you can also see them around Big Sur, San Francisco, and even the southern Oregon Coast!

Looking for the Easiest Places to Elope In, No Hiking Required?

Every couple is different, so the perfect elopement location for you should be unique, personal, and just right for the two of you! Part of my job as an elopement photographer is to help you plan your day – we start with finding the perfect spot to exchange vows, and after I get to know you, find out what you’re looking for (what kind of landscapes you’re drawn to, how far you want to travel, how far you want to hike or if you want to hike at all), I’ll create a personalized list of recommendations, custom tailored for you. All you have to do is choose the one that feels right for the two of you, and you’ll have your jaw dropping, one of a lond spot!

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