You should consider eloping

Five Reasons

Five Reasons

Heyyy, You made it!

Sound interesting?

WOOHOO!!! If you're here chances are you recently got engaged and are looking into different options for your big day. 

I promise that you can make that day a reality! If anything I've said rings a bell with you, then read on to see a few reasons you may want to consider 


And you know, I totally get it. The pressure to start planning a traditional wedding as soon as you get engaged is real. I think pressure is something every engaged couple has felt at one time or another, whether it's from family, friends, or just society in general.
But what if I told you you don't have to cave?
That your wedding really can be a stress free experience where you and your partner can do whatever the heck you want?
A day that doesn't include a cringy garter toss or super strict timeline.

1. You value experiences over things

To a degree I think everyone values experiences and moments over physical  items. I mean, would you rather own a set of expensive flatware or go on a trip to Europe?
Most people will say Europe every time!
But I've found most eloping couples find the thought of collecting decor, gifts, and other wedding items over a period of 6 months to a year and a half completely overwhelming. I mean, where does it all go until the wedding day?
And then where the heck does it go afterwards?
You feel bad selling all those votive candles because they were a part of your wedding day but at the same time what the heck are you going to do with 500 of them?

How about we nix the guilt and enjoy a stress-free, minimalistic wedding day without a ton of extra stuff? I mean, the mountains can be your decor, or the sand could be your dance floor! What could be better than enjoying the beauty of the world on your best day ever?

2. You don't enjoy being the center of attention

I soooo get this!

This one resonates with me on such a personal level. If you're not the kind of person who gets hyped up with having a ton of people around you, an elopement may be for you!
Imagine - your wedding day your way. Without having to toss a bouquet to a bunch of women who don't really want to catch it anyway. 
Being able to say exactly what you want to your partner as you say your vows without the feeling of dozens of pairs of eyes on you.
Freedom to be as emotional (or stoic) as you want without inhibition.
This is what an elopement can offer <3

3. You'd rather spend your money on something else

Last I checked the average wedding in the US cost upwards of $33k.

Um, what?! That's a new car or a down payment on a house!

The thing is, the wedding industry is a luxury industry. Artists work their butts off the give you the most amazing experience possible and it's worth every cent if you choose to go the big, traditional wedding route.

But a lot of people just really don't want to spend their hard earned money on one day. Elopements can cut that budget in half easily, and you also get a built in honeymoon! Save that money and enjoy a quiet elopement and amazing memories.

4. You want to actually spend the day with your partner.

So hopefully you really like the person you're marrying. Right?!
Would you believe me when I say that at a traditional wedding the couple usually doesn't even get to spend the majority of the day together, let alone eat a meal in peace or do any sort of activity they enjoy?
Traditional weddings, albeit beautiful, don't actually allow for a lot of time to spend together enjoying the day. Obligations and timelines keep things pretty strict and most people are super relieved to leave at the end of the night.
Elopements, however, can look however you want them to look! Want to have a first look on a cliff overlooking the ocean?
Want to spend the morning getting ready together and then hiking up a mountain?
The day is yours my friend!

5. Less family drama

As much as we all want to believe otherwise, the truth of the matter is that weddings bring out the worst in a lot of people. Aunt Karen has very specific ideas about what she wants to eat at your wedding and Grandma Edith wants you to do the traditional money dance at your reception.

If the thought of trying to convince your family to do things your way and still possibly losing the battle makes you a bit weak kneed, an elopement may be for you. 
The two of you (or your group of select loved ones) can enjoy a stress free day in nature doing exactly what you want to do.
How amazing does that sound?

Have I convinced you yet?

Eloping can be the perfect way to celebrate your wedding day exactly how you want. Wanna go kayaking in the Everglades? Sleep in til noon and explore NYC nightlife? 
The choice is all yours my friend!

If any of these reasons to elope I just mentioned speaks to you, well, maybe you should reach out to me so we can brainstorm some plans!

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