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Reasons to Elope

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Reasons to elope!

Does the word “elope” send a shiver down your spine? I mean, why would someone have a reason to elope? Does it make you think of running off in the middle of the night to Vegas (or somewhere else) and getting married in secret? Well, while you can absolutely do it that way (I’m totally down for a Vegas elopement!) eloping in general doesn’t hold the same stigma that it used to. There are so many different reasons to elope, and actually, the word “elope” is widely associated with the word escape. And don’t we all want our wedding to be an escape from the norm of dreary, every day life?

Absolutely we do!

No matter how you want your wedding day to look, you deserve a day that is 100% authentic to you and your partner. And if you’re thinking that going the traditional route isn’t for you, read on for a few reasons you may want to consider eloping!

You don’t like the spotlight

This is probably the most common reasons to elope. They’re introverted, don’t like being the center of attention, and really want to be able to relax on their big day instead of stressing about people looking at them.

I TOTALLY get it! As an introvert myself the thought of an entire day with dozens of people surrounding me and barely a moment to myself stresses the sh*t out of me.

If you or your partner (or both of you) are more introverted or you just don’t want to spend the day surrounded by people looking at you, eloping could be for you.

You dream of a wildly intimate day with only your nearest and dearest

News flash! No one is entitled to attend your wedding! Not your co-workers, your neighbor down the street, or your great Aunt Helen you haven’t spoken to in 10 years.

Eloping gives you the option of inviting only those people who mean the most to you. And FYI, it’s totally ok to elope with family and friends present. There are so many ways to include your loved ones in your elopement day without the stress of a 200+ person guest list.

There’s something super empowering about choosing to have an intentional, intimate wedding day. Inviting select people can absolutely add to the joyful dynamic of the day.

You want to explore someplace new

If you’re like me you love to travel and explore new places. If this is something you love it makes total sense to incorporate travel and exploration into your wedding day!

There are so many ways to see new places during your elopement. Hiking, off-roading, and helicopters are all great means of transportation and can make your wedding day so exciting.

Maybe you dream of saying your vows on the edge of a desert cliff. Maybe you’re imagining a rich forest with waterfalls. Whatever you dream can become reality. If you’re unsure of exactly where you want to get married definitely reach out to a photographer or elopement planning specialist. We can absolutely help to scout the perfect location for your I Do’s.

You value experiences over things

No doubt a traditional wedding is an experience, but when you’re finished you have all. this. stuff. Centerpieces, flowers, favors, decor, etc. allllll that to load up into a car and take home.

With an elopement most of the time the stuff is limited to what you can carry.

Dress? Check

Flowers? Check

Picnic? Check

Awesome photographer to document the day? Check!

No additional “stuff” is required when you elope. And that can save a LOT of headaches.

PS how amazing is this Arches National Park view?

You like the idea of a “just us” kind of day

It’s your wedding day. If you want to be the only ones there that is 100% ok! It’s so liberating to prioritize you and your partner, especially on your wedding day. Choosing to have a “just us” elopement empowers you to spend the day doing whatever you want wherever you want.

(pssst… wondering how to incorporate family into a “just us” elopement day? Click here to read about eloping with family).

A just us kind of day can look however you want it to. Want to wake up before the crack of dawn and watch the sun rise together? Let’s do it. Or maybe sleeping in until noon and having a private chef make you breakfast in bed is more your speed. You can get ready together or separately. You can have an epic adventure or spend the day lounging at the beach.

(ready to start planning your just us day?)

how to plan a destination wedding bride and groom in a field at Cade's Cove

You dream of something wildly different for your wedding day

Maybe you’ve never been the type to fantasize about your wedding day. Or maybe you’ve always been a bit of a dreamer and want something completely different for you and your partner. There could be a whole list of reasons why a big white wedding just isn’t for you.

If you…

  • love adventure
  • feel like you don’t fit the mold of traditional
  • can’t see yourself getting married in a church or venue

Maybe eloping is the solution you’ve been looking for.

bride standing in front of groom with his arms wrapped around her from behind. Focus is on hands and arms

You want to avoid any family drama on the day of your wedding.

There’s a saying that goes: you don’t just marry your partner, you marry their family too.

I’m not 100% sure I stand behind that statement, but let’s be real, families can be tough to navigate. While you may love your family with all your heart, they may not be the most supportive or kind (which sucks).

If you’re hoping for a stress free day where you can feel nothing but hype and joy an elopement may be a good option. You may experience some drama before and after, depending on how involved you both are with your families. But once those cell phone go off on the day of your wedding there’s nothing stopping you from having the day of your dream.

bride and groom sitting on a bench at the beach

You or your partner have sensory processing needs

If there’s one thing I think everyone can agree on it’s that weddings can be overwhelming. You’re in a flurry of getting ready in the morning, the ceremony requires you to stand in one spot for a while, receptions are super loud, and the click of a shutter going off every couple seconds is going to drive you insane.

Side note, I totally have a solution for that annoying shutter sound (mirrorless cameras are the bomb).

If you or your partner are looking for a sensory friendly way to celebrate your wedding an elopement may work for you. Imagine a quiet morning getting ready at your own pace. A private vow reading with just you two. Dinner at a familiar location with your nearest and dearest. No loud noises, no dry and scratchy chicken from a caterer who cost way too much… just you, your partner, and your loved ones on a relaxing and sensory friendly day.

bride and groom having a picnic on a boardwalk

You want to save money

This is one of the most common reasons to elope in my opinion. The idea of spending tens of thousands of dollars one a wedding day just doesn’t appeal to you. You’d rather use that money for an amazing vacation or a down payment on a home (I’m saving for both those things right now, haha!). Considering the average wedding costs $30k you could realistically save quite a bit by not going the route of a traditional wedding.

When you get down to it, the only things you NEED for a wedding is you, your partner, a marriage license, and in most places an officiant (ahem in Colorado you can self solemnize which is AMAZING). So once you have the must haves you can start looking at the wants. Wedding clothes, a photographer, travel expenses, good food. While you could absolutely spend over $30k on an elopement chances are you won’t need to and can get by with less than a third of the cost of a traditional wedding.

Did any of these reasons to elope resonate with you?

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