Canyonlands Elopement – Taylor and Dyllan

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Wonder what a Canyonlands Elopement could look like? Read on my friend!

Something I love about elopements is that it gives couples the opportunity to get married in epic locations. This could be somewhere they visit frequently and love, or somewhere completely new. In Taylor and Dyllan’s case they chose a place neither of them had ever been – Canyonlands National Park in Moab, Utah!
With their busy lives (finishing a doctorate, moving, starting new jobs) it made sense to have a smaller, more intimate day surrounded by the people they love most. With a bit of planning (check out my blog on how to plan your own Moab elopement here) they were able to say their vows in a national park overlooking a canyon. 
We started their day off at their hotel where they were able to alleviate some stress by getting ready together. Dyllan helped Taylor into her dress and Taylor pinned on his boutonniere. The vibes were nothing but the best as they met their friends and family in the lobby to leave for Canyonlands National Park.
One of the best things about this Canyonlands elopement was being able to walk with Taylor and Dyllan as they explored the area prior to the ceremony and hearing them say over and over how amazing it was. Dyllan even looked at Taylor and said “wow, I can’t believe this is what our wedding day looks like” with the biggest smile on his face. 
Their ceremony was filled with love and their family cheered them on as they said their I Do’s. After a few family photos I got the couple all to myself and we explored the park a bit!
One of the best things about Canyonlands (and Moab in general) is that you don’t have to hike super long distances to get amazing fews. A few steps away from the parking lot we found an overlook all to ourselves and we soaked up the views. 
Before the sun started to set we left Canyonlands and headed for Dead Horse Point State Park. We were all delighted by the cows that line the road on the way and once we arrived were blown away by the epic views. Even in May, close to the height of tourist season, we were able to find areas of quiet and a bit of privacy.

As we watched the sun set Taylor and Dyllan got to have a private first dance and enjoy the amazing desert scenery. All in all it was a day that deserved the best memories and I’m so happy I was able to help create them <3

Shoes, purse that says mrs, and boutenniere

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