How to Make an Elopement Special

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A lot of couples worry that downsizing their wedding day – choosing to have a small ceremony, one that doesn’t fit the mold of what a wedding “should be,” might make the day feel less special, less meaningful, or less important. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

An elopement isn’t about avoiding putting time, effort, or money into the day you get married – it’s about prioritizing your experience, and being intentional about how you spend the day! Your day is just as meaningful as a traditional wedding (if not more so), and in this guide we’ll talk about how to make an elopement special, and ways to incorporate your personalities in the day to make sure you get the most of it.

Decide What “Making an Elopement Special” Means to You

The first thing you can do to make your elopement special is decide what that actually means. This is going to be different for every couple – because that’s kinda the point! Every elopement is different, every couple’s day is unique, and your idea of a perfect wedding day might be different from someone else’s. 

So as we dive into these ways to make an elopement special, remember that the most important thing is that the entire day feels right for the two of you – that it reflects your relationship, and that it’s your best day ever!

Let go of all the expectations, traditions, and “shoulds” you might be holding on to, and prioritize yourself and your partner throughout the whole planning process.

How to Make an Elopement Special

Once you’re ready to start planning the details of your day, here are some ways to make your elopement feel special!

Choose an Amazing Location

The place where you exchange vows will set the scene for your elopement day, so a great way to make an elopement special is with your location! This is one of the first decisions you’ll make when you start planning your elopement, so take your time and think about what your dream day would look like. 

What kind of scenery are you drawn to? Is there a specific spot that you already love where you want to start your marriage, or do you want to explore a place that’s new and exciting? What do you want to do? Are you down for a hike or would you rather find an easy to get to elopement location?

Your options are basically unlimited! You can elope close to home or plan a destination elopement, tie the knot in the desert of Moab, in the mountains of Washington, on the beaches of Florida, and anywhere in between!

Choosing the perfect spot is a great way to make an elopement special! This couple is getting married in Moab.

Invite a Few Guests to Your Elopement

For a lot of couples, having a few loved ones around them on the day they get married is an amazing way to make their elopement feel even more special. If you can’t imagine tying the knot without the people you love, you can elope with family or invite a few friends! 

On the flip side, other couples may find that a “just us” experience feels more special to them, and that sharing this experience with just their partner is how they want to spend their wedding day. That’s totally fine too! Remember, there are no rules – and it’s all about what makes your day feel special to you. 

Inviting friends and family, like this couple did, is a great way to make an elopement special.

Have a Full Day Elopement

This is one of the best ways to make an elopement feel special! Back in the day of quick courthouse weddings and ceremonies in a Vegas chapel, elopements may have been only an hour or two long – but your day deserves more.

If traditional weddings get 8, 10, even 12 hours, why shouldn’t yours? Eloping isn’t about getting it done quickly – it’s about enjoying the day! A full day elopement gives you time to relax and be present, it allows you to plan something amazing, and it ensures that you get to truly celebrate the day you get married.

Plan an Adventure

During your full day elopement, you’ll do the standard wedding day things – get ready, have a ceremony, and take some photos. But you have a full day! The best thing about your elopement is that it’s completely customizable, and what you do with the rest of the day is what makes your elopement truly special. So plan an adventure!

This can mean absolutely anything – think about what you want to do on the day you get married, and how you can make this day amazing. Some things to do after your elopement ceremony (or even before) can include hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, s’mores around a campfire, a picnic, dinner with your family, and absolutely anything you can think of! 

Think about things that the two of you love doing together, or maybe something you’ve always wanted to try – there are no limits!

Write Your Own Vows

A big way to make an elopement ceremony special is to write your own vows. You don’t have to be the next Shakespeare – it’s not about writing amazing love sonnets! You just have to speak from the heart and tell your partner how you feel – they’ll appreciate this so much, and it’s a great way to make your ceremony even more meaningful.

Choose Unique Elopement Attire

Eloping doesn’t mean you can’t get glammed up and look amazing! To make your elopement feel special, make sure that what you wear feels good and reflects who you are – and don’t be afraid to get creative! You don’t have to stick to a traditional wedding dress or a three piece suit. Consider choosing fun colors and styles, and whatever you pick, make sure it makes you feel amazing! 

Your attire can help make an elopement special! Choose a dress or suit that feels great for you.

Hire an Elopement Photographer

Hiring a photographer is one of the best ways to make an elopement special.

First, because you’ll have amazing photos of the day! This is the day you get married, and that should absolutely be documented, so that you can look back and remember how incredible the day was, and see the story unfold all over again.

But, an experienced elopement photographer will also be able to help you make your elopement special! My job begins as soon as you inquire, and I’ll be helping you plan the entire thing – taking into account your personalities, your dreams for the day, and how you want to get married, to help you craft a day that’s perfect, unique, and totally you.

I’ll get to know you to figure out exactly how to make your elopement special! If you’re ready to plan an experience that you’ll remember forever, contact me!