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My Favorite Wedding Gowns UNDER $1k!



If there’s one thing that Covid-19 has accomplished, it’s been making sure everyone has created a budget and sticks to it. I know I have been much more frugal in my personal choices (ahem, Walmart moisturizer as opposed to my favorite It Cosmetics cream). And while I can inwardly be whiny about the current state of things, I really and truly understand how privileged I am to be able to still purchase small luxuries even during quarantine.

Something I’m passionate about is wedding gowns. Really, any wedding gown. I just love them. I want to have a vow renewal with my husband primarily so I can get another wedding gown. I admittedly spend hours pinning gowns to my Pinterest boards, tracking down my dream gown (the elusive 2015 Haley Paige Lennon omg it’s so gorgeous), and sitting around pining to see all my brides’ gorgeous dresses!

All that said, I know many couples are trying to find ways to save costs on their wedding. Well, I’m here for you! I’ve tracked down ten of my favorite wedding gowns.

The best part?

They’re all under $1,000!

Can I get a hallelujah?!

Even better, most of these websites offer Afterpay or Klarna which enable you to split the payments up into four installments (a personal lifesaver).

So, here it is, without delay, Tabitha’s list of most amazing (and economical) wedding dresses!

  1. This gorgeous BLHDN tea length dress!

You’re going to see several BHLDN dresses on here. Why? Because they’re all dreamy! And the cool part is, even though a lot of them are above this $1,000 price point, the majority of them are well below $2k. So depending on your budget, you could have a wide variety to choose from. They also offer Afterpay!

2. Another (gorgeous) BHLDN dress!

I’m a sucker for all things lacy. The more like a tablecloth, the better! And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I really do love a good lace dress. And this BHLDN gown satisfies all my vintage lace dreams. Side note, even if you already have your gown, this would make a super fun reception or getaway dress! The laid back vibes would also be perfect for a beach elopement (check this intimate beach wedding I photographed HERE for some inspo).

3. Willowby by Waters Reagan Gown – more like DREAMY gown!

With the lace and that floral belt, you can make a statement without completely breaking your budget. And with that flow factor, how amazing would these be on your adventurous elopement? In fact, I know the perfect place on the Oregon coast where you and your fiance can share your vows… with this dress blowing in the win you’ll be the picture of grace and beauty. Also, pair this with a denim or leather jacket and you’ll have a kick butt, rock and roll vibe!

3. Last BLHDN gown I swear, but OMG this Jenny Yoo dress though!!!

Fun fact that you probably didn’t know about me… I love glitter.

Like, absolutely LOVE glitter.

Like, let me roll around in glitter, decorate my house with it, wear it in my hair. I seriously love glitter. And this Jenny Yoo dress makes my heart sing. I’m even considering this one for my vow renewal in the Rockies. This would be so gorgeous in any setting, but I’d especially love to see this in some urban locations (downtown Pensacola, or even NOLA, I’m looking at you!).

4. Lulu’s for the win!

Such a gorgeous (and cost-efficient) dress that would look gorgeous literally anywhere! I seriously could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this price! For a dress this stunning, it’s unheard of. Lulu’s actually has tons of gorgeous options, so even if this one isn’t 100% your speed go check them out! I’m positive you’ll find something you love <3

5. Are you more of a Vintage Gal?

I’ve become obsessed with literally almost everything from EVERYTHING on their site is so stinking cute, they have inclusive sizing, prices are amazing, and what the heck, they have an I Love Lucy line! What could be better?!

I’ll give you a hint… it’s this gorgeous 40’s style wedding gown 😉 That could be better!

6. Did someone say Gatsby?

When I say to swoop this one ASAP, I friggin’ mean it because it’s on SALE! For an amazing price! This is another dress I’d love to see one of my urban elopement brides rock. I mean, how gorgeous would this be roaming the streets of New Orleans?! Your first dance could be to the music of the band playing down the street while the street lights flicker to life all around while you embrace the eclectic vibe of the city.

Yeah, you should totally do that.

7. Asos! What more can I say?!

I feel like ASOS really caters to the eloping bride. Gorgeous dresses at a fraction of the cost that you’d find in a bridal boutique. If you know me at all, you know I’m all about letting your wedding dress live its’ best life, not being afraid to get it a bit dirty, etc. With this price point you could jump in the ocean and not stress about throwing away thousands of dollars. And look how gorgeous this gown is?! Beautiful and relaxed, just like how you’ll be on your wedding day <3


I feel like this gown is the more boho version of the BHLDN gown I posted above. Coming in at about half the price, this gown definitely has a more (ahem) plunging neckline and flowier sleeves. This one definitely stands out to me for all you brides who want to (literally) sparkle on your wedding day. I’d absolutely love to see this for your boho beach elopement, with the sun setting behind you, catching the light on every inch of your dress.

9. ASOS meets Little House on the Prairie

Growing up my mom had an old fashioned “Gunny Sack” dress that I was obsessed with. It just seemed so beautiful, and totally unlike anything anyone would ever wear nowadays. This ASOS gown encompasses everything I loved about my moms dress, but adds it’s own spin on things and a whole lot of sparkle! Seriously, there’s nothing I don’t love about this dress. Can someone please elope in the valleys of Yosemite and wear this?!


10. David’s Bridal comin’ in hot!

Hear me out. I’m normally not a fan of David’s Bridal, even though that’s totally where I found my own wedding dress ten years ago. But THIS?! This speaks to the classy but hip/trendy parts of my soul. The thing I love most about it? The buttons all the way down the front. What an understated way to make a splash with your gown! Pair this with a cathedral veil and this photographer’s heart will be filled <3

So that’s it! I hope this has helped just a bit in giving you some resources for finding your perfect gown on a budget. Comment below and let me know if there are any other places that retail amazing gowns at an amazing price!

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