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Cannon Beach Elopement

Oregon Elopement – Four Location Ideas

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Ok, I admit it. I’m obsessed with Oregon and have been dreaming of photographing an Oregon elopement since I first began specializing in smaller, more intimate weddings.

My first time ever visiting was this past March, 2020 when I had the opportunity to attend a series of elopement shoots in a variety of locations, everywhere from the Umpqua Hot Springs to the iconic Cannon Beach that stole my heart.

It quickly became a goal of mine to plan to spend as much time as possible in Oregon, and what better way to do that then by photographing couples in locations they love?!

Luba and Eugene were such troopers and we spent a total of three days to exploring Oregon and everything it has to offer. Ok, definitely not EVERYTHING it has, but we did hit some amazing places that would be absolutely perfect for an Oregon Elopement.

1. Umpqua Forest

closeup photo of couple holding hands
Couple hugging in Umpqua National Forest
couple holding hands in the forest

The first place we hiked was to the Umpqua Hot Springs in Umpqua National Forest. Let me tell you, I had never seen a hot spring before, and it totally blew my mind!

Couple standing on a cliffside saying vows to each other

As they stood on the edge of the cliffside with the smoke billowing around them my heart skipped a beat and I was so thankful to have the opportunity to be in this spot. After they changed clothes they sank into the hot springs for some much deserved relaxation – a perfect way to end an Oregon elopement.

couple cuddling in hot springs

2. Diamond Lake

After we spent time soaking in the glorious Umpqua Hot Springs we headed over to Diamond Lake. Let me tell you, this frozen lake would be the most epic Oregon elopement location!

Oregon Elopement
Oregon Elopement

Diamond Lake at sunset was one of the most gorgeous things I could have ever dreamed of. With the mountains billowing behind us, the snow covering the frozen water, and these two gorgeous people, there was little to be desired.

3. Oregon Sand Dunes

Eloping couple standing on sand dunes in Oregon

Is it Morroco? The Sahara? NO IT’S FREAKING OREGON!!! When I say this state has so much diversity in its’ landscape I really, really mean it. Luba and Eugene nearly froze their ears off but I really do think these photos were so worth it.

Eloping couple on sand dunes saying vows to each other
Eloping couple hiding in the Oregon sand dunes

I mean, even in this one spot there was soooo much to see and do! Dunes several stories tall with gorgeous wild plant life, plus the Pacific Ocean was a mere few feet away. It was such a beautiful, quiet spot and would be perfect for an Oregon elopement.

4. Cannon Beach

I feel like this one goes without saying, but for real, how much more amazing does it get than Cannon Beach? The cool thing about this spot is that within a few short miles there are so many gorgeous beaches you can get to, and some AMAZING hikes that only require a bit of effort for superb views.

Cannon Beach elopement
Cannon Beach Elopement

When the sun started setting behind these two, it was pure magic. How much more iconic can you get for your Oregon elopement than Cannon Beach? Haystack rock is the perfect place to say your vows, and we’re sure to be rewarded with gorgeous photos even if it’s gray and dismal.

So there you have it! Some amazing spots to consider if you’re thinking about eloping in Oregon. For more inspiration, check out my Pinterest page HERE!

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