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What to do After Getting Engaged



What to do After Getting Engaged


Yes, I am genuinely that excited for you and I bet you’re even more excited than that (because duh it’s you’re own wedding you’re about to plan)!


Sound like a familiar question that’s been floating around in your head? Well, no worries, I’m here for you, I gotchu, and (in no particular order) I’m gonna debunk some of the most vital things to decide on after that first WOAH I’M ENGAGED moment <3

what to do after getting engaged man and woman laying on the beach

Decide who you need there with you on the big day.

Knowing who you can’t imagine saying your vows without is important to determining your guest list, which can determine your location, which can determine your date, etc. If you’re more of an adventurous soul I’d definitely recommend an elopement with just the two of you, or a select few people present. That way you can spend your day however you want to without the restrictions of a tight timeline or schedule. If you have tons of friends and family who you won’t be happy saying “I Do” without, then talk to your partner and come up with that guest list to help jump start the planning process.

Talk About Your Date.

Probably the most asked question that a newly engaged couple gets is, “So when’s the date?” I remember someone telling me once that a couple isn’t actually engaged until there’s a ring and a date. While I totally disagree with this statement, setting a date tends to make everything feel more official. So if you’re still stuck in the post-proposal haze of excitement, setting a date can help make everything feel more real and give you something tangible to look forward to.

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Destination or Local Wedding?

Do you dream of saying your vows on a mountaintop or by the sea? Would you rather have a large gathering of friends and family to dance the night away with? There are pros and cons to both options – talk to your partner and you’ll be able to decide what’s most important to you.

Go Dress Shopping!

This is definitely the most fun thing on this list! Pinterest can be an awesome tool for helping determine dress styles that you love, but there’s no alternative to actually trying things on. Don’t shop til you’re ready to buy though! There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a dress before you’re able to purchase it, then going back a few months later and finding out it’s not available.

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Discuss Budget.

I had to mention the most NOT fun thing right after talking about the most fun (funnest?) thing. But budget is a huge part of your wedding and will determine what you’re able to do. If your budget isn’t huge, don’t fret! There are so many options available to low cost and low waste weddings. Also, discuss the idea of experiences instead of a huge traditional wedding! You’d have the adventure of a lifetime and save some money in the deal.

BREATHE and take in the moment.

Literally the most important thing I’m going to talk about. But dang it, you just got FREAKING engaged!!! Take a moment, look into your partner’s eyes, and dream about the day you’ll say your vows to each other. You’re allowed to take a moment for yourselves! Whether the question was asked in private or in front of all your family and friends, taking time for the two of you is vital. Don’t feel bad if you feel like taking a few days to process before telling the world, either! This is a huge, life-changing event and you deserve to process everything how you see fit.

I hope this list, “What to do After Getting Engaged” helps you a bit.

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